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A Scandalous New Book by
The Guy Who Knows.
Inspired by the Women of New York


For years, Madison Avenue has been shrouded in mystery. As a hotbed of the elite and privileged on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it has long been off limits to those who aren't in the know. But now, thanks to "The Guy Who Knows," you can get an inside look at the secrets that lurk beneath its veneer.

In The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue, author "The Guy Who Knows" takes you deep into this iconic world as he brings to light tales of opulence and extravagance. From the boardrooms and bistros frequented by media moguls and Wall Street tycoons to the secluded hideaways enjoyed by celebrities and politicians, this book offers a comprehensive view of the lavish lifestyle and intrigue of one of America's most powerful cities.

You'll also meet many fascinating characters from across industries who help create the electric energy of Madison Avenue. You'll learn about bold business moves made by power players as well as remarkable comebacks after failure and bankruptcies. Get to know New York City’s ultimate tastemakers in fashion, film, music, art, philanthropy and more who call Madison Avenue home. And discover untold stories about underground activities going on behind closed doors with shady deals between shady people — both legit and illicit — that are part of life in one of America's premier locations for networking and deal-making.

Whether you're looking for exclusive insider tips or just a fascinating read, The Untold Stories of Madison Avenue is an unforgettable journey through one of the country's most sought-after places where power meets prestige — all revealed by The Guy Who Knows.

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